TEQtogether draws upon existing research and good practice to provide clear and straightforward guidance on areas in which we believe it is important for men to act differently if women are to participate fully and freely within the technology sector.  Some are written at quite a broad scale, whereas others are focused on much more specific issues.  Although primarily intended for men, they are equally relevant to others.

All such guidance notes have a brief introduction, provide references to relevant material on the topic, and then the guidance notes themselves, sometimes in the format of key things both to do, and also not to do.  The guidance notes are also available in various languages (currently English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish) and formats to download and share.

We recognise that translations, nevertheless, present very real challenges, both because of the different cultural resonances of gender across the world, and also because it is not always possible to convey exactly the same meaning in different languages.  In those that use masculine, feminine and neutral pronouns, for example, much scientific and technical language is masculine (see, Unwin, 2018); in languages without neutrals, such as Spanish, plurals are usually masculine.  One way around this is always to use both femine and masculine plurals, as with las científicas y los científicos – especially putting the feminine first (see Real Academia Española)!  Where relevant, we also provide colloquial versions of some of the translations.

These guidance notes are all freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License  Creative Commons License ; we would be grateful if you could indicate their source (https://teqtogether.org/)  whenever you use them.

We very much hope that these are a useful addition to the material currently available in the field.

Guidance note topics

Our guidance notes are grouped under four main themes:


Human Resources and Employment

Events and workshops

Academic research

  • Designing gender-sensitive ICT research

All of our guidance notes are prepared by one member of TEQtogether in consultation with other members of the core team.

Please suggest further topics, or consider joining our initiative and helping us craft these notes.  Do get in touch through our Contact Form.