TEQtogether 2
Workshop at WSIS Annual Forum 2019

TEQtogether convenes and delivers a wide range of workshops aimed at helping men to change their attitudes and behaviours relating to women and technology.  These include:

  • Half- or full-day training workshops with organisations and companies committed to reducing gender digital equality
  • Lively participatory sessions at international conferences and gatherings designed to share knowledge about how men can help to reduce gender digital inequalities.  See, for example:
  • Tailored activities relating to the diverse needs of partners and clients.
    • Two part online workshop co-delivered with AnitaB.org London Community on “Changing men’s attitudes and behaviours towards women and technology” on 26th May and 3rd June 2020 (mindmap co-created during the first part .pdf;  presentation .pdf)Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.30.49

These workshops all draw on TEQtogether’s Guidance Notes, and are delivered in a lively and challenging way by members of the TEQtogether team.  Get in touch with us through our contact page should you be interested in discussing how we could help your organisation change the attitudes and behaviours of men to women and technology.