TEQtogether believes in doing a few things outstandingly well.  It is therefore initially focusing on four main themes:

  • Informing men about how their actions impact digital gender inequality, especially through our workshops and sharing other resources (see our Resources and Other Initiatives pages);
  • Identifying actions that men can take to enhance gender equality in the tech workplace (see our Guidance Notes)
  • Recommending actions that men can take to reduce digital violence against women (see our research on the use of mobiles for sexual harassment in Pakistan)
  • Encouraging reverse mentoring through which women mentor men at all levels in tech organisations.

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Four elements need to be in place to ensure lasting behavioural change


TEQtogether will make available all four elements through its activities.

TEQtogether recognises that much more work needs to be done, but these are the four main themes on which we will initially begin to work.