Our partnership principles

TEQtogether believes that organisations can work far more effectively together with partners who bring different skills and expertise to deliver particular outcomes, rather than necessarily always delivering an activity by themselves.  However, such partnerships require very careful crafting and implementation, and all too often partnerships fail to deliver their intended outcomes.

We believe that ten basic principles have underlain most successful technology partnerships, and we seek to abide by these:

  1. They have clear and agreed intended development outcomes, and these are developed by all partners and relevant stakeholders through an inclusive process of dialogue at the beginning of the initiative.
  2. Each partner is willing to share their interests in being involved in the partnership, what they expect to gain from it, and what they are willing to commit to it in an open and transparent manner.
  3. They have a senior and charismatic champion, and the heads of the partner organisations are committed to the partnership.
  4. There is continuity of individual representation from each partner organisation at all meetings, at least some of which are face-to-face
  5. Sustainability and scalability of the intended development intervention is built into the partnership design from its commencement.
  6. The partnership is appropriately costed, and resources are made available by partners at the required time.
  7. They have an appropriately resourced and staffed partnership management team.
  8. They are built on a moral agenda that involves trust, honesty, openness, empathy and respect.
  9. The relevant supportive wider infrastructure must be in place to enable ICTs to be used effectively to deliver the intended development outcomes.
  10. They have in place clear and coherent internal and external communication strategies.

Our partners

Currently, TEQtogether is involved in the following partnerships, but we welcome enquiries about working together with other partners in the future (do use our contact page):

EQUALS global partnership



TEQtogether, as a team within the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D, is a part of Royal Holloway, University of London’s commitments to the EQUALS global partnership which seeks to bring women to tech, and tech to women – and in so doing, better the lives of millions worldwide


Our research on partnerships

For more information about delivering effective partnerships in ICT4D, do read: